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If you’d like to include someone on the prayer list,  please call the church office at (502) 241-4326 or send an email to

her response MEMBERS: 

Mary Boone                       Paul Culbertson                         Betty Deibel        

Lee Goss                           Sandy McCarson                        Bob Pace                    

rencontre adultère gratuit pour homme Claudette Schlader           Clayton Stoess FAMILY & FRIENDS:      

Charles Parker (Barbara Staats)

Susan & Nelson Dawson (Ann Finney)

Debbie Talby (Ann Finney)

Sarah Walker & Family (Shelly Settle)

Andy Sears (D.D. & John Hendrickson)

Bill Hirtzel (Hendricksons & Logans)

Jessica Kirchoff (D.D. & John Hendrickson)

Ursula Brooks (Barbara Staats)

Isabella Anderson (Mary Jones)

Flo Campbell (Clare Grant)                      

Cooper Reimbold (Sue Toole)                              

Judy Allison (Rebecca Byford)            

Kent Groff (D.D. & John Hendrickson)

Aunt Geneva (Larry Vice)                         

Aunt Carrie (Larry Vice)            

Noel Avery (Ann Finney)                          

Fred Miller (D.D. & John Hendrickson)

Susan Melcher (Ann Finney)                  

Rose Smith (Ann Finney)          

Sharon Perkins (Ann Finney)                 

Tommy Boone (Mary Boone)                

Linda Hyatt (Shirley Hawkes)                 

Scott Hood (Shirley Hawkes)

Gavin Elder (Mark Lane)                           

Alice Walser Booker (Joan Walser)

Shannon/Rich Smith (Ann Finney)    

Michelle Hendrickson (D.D. & John Hendrickson)

Mary Ellen Wilkins (Ann Finney)         

Jim Browning (Ann Finney)     

Heather Turpin (Ann Finney)                 

Jim Stoien (Ann Finney)            

John Hendrickson (D.D. Hendrickson)              

Rev. James Byford (Rebecca Byford)  

Johanna Rohde (D.D. & John Hendrickson)

Mary/Morris Kirchoff (D.D. & John Hendrickson)

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