Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling

If you are struggling and need to speak with a pastor for spiritual, relational, or emotional support, please contact us.

Joel Weible, Pastor

EMAIL: or call (502) 241-4326, ext. 111


If you need additional support from any of our staff, please call the church office or contact the staff members directly.

Ashia Stoess, Director of Youth:  EMAIL or call (502) 241-4326, ext. 113

Shelly Settle, Administrative Assistant:  EMAIL or call (502) 241-4326, ext. 110

Marie Fledderman, Bookkeeper:  EMAIL  or call (502) 241-4326, ext. 112

Walter Anderson, Director of Music:  EMAIL  or call (502) 241-4326, ext. 210


Matt Killion, Organist/Accompanist:  EMAIL  

Statia Prince, CDC Director:  EMAIL or call (502) 241-0177