Local and Regional Mission

“We have found in this church a spiritual home where we are learning to serve others, enjoy and glorify God, celebrate differences, and follow faithfully the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Of particular focus for our Mission and Outreach is the first “charge” in this statement to “serve others.”  And in that call, we are always discerning!

On the Local and Regional level, we are involved with:

  1. South Oldham Interchurch Council
  2. Habitat for Humanity:  Oldham County
  3. Bellewood Children’s Home (USpiritus)
  4. The Presbyterian Community Center in Downtown Louisville
  5. UKirk (at the University of Louisville)
  6. The Galilean Home (in Liberty, KY)

Many of these missions receive financial contributions through our church’s operating fund, but all of them receive our support through hands-on help, donation collections, and constant prayer.

Everyone is able to be involved on at least one of those levels.  Contact us for more information.