Member Directory

The MyUCD Directory App

In addition to receiving the printed directory, you are now able to use the directory on your mobile device with this accompanying mobile App.  It’s free and easy to use!  Below is a rundown of how the App can be used, from installation to daily usage.

**Download the App**

For iPhone/iOS Devices:

  • Go to the Apple App Store and search for ‘Universal Church Directory’
  • OR click on the following link:  UCD App for iOS
  • Click on the “GET” button
  • The button will then change to “INSTALL,” click on the button again
  • When the App has finished installing, click “OPEN”

For Android Devices:

  • Go to the Google Play store and search for ‘Universal Church Directory’
  • OR click on the following link:  UCD App for Android
  • Click “INSTALL” to download and install the App
  • This will display a popup window, in which you should select the “ACCEPT” button
  • When the App is finished installing, click the “OPEN” button

**After App Installation**

When the App is first opened, you will be prompted to enter the code given to you by the church administrator.  Call or email Shelly in the Church Office: 241-4326 or to get your unique code.

  • When the App is accessed for the first time, you must enter your unique identifier code
  • Click on the “DOWNLOAD MY CHURCH DIRECTORY” button.  There may be a few seconds delay as the church member information is downloaded into the App
  • The App will start to download images in the background, so the image may not appear with the church member information immediately

**Using the App**

  • There are two options once you’ve entered your identifier code:

1)     List View – Browse your church directory using a list of names

2)     Image View – Browse your church directory using family pictures

  • Settings – If the settings option is chosen, the App will resort back to the main screen, with a prompt for an identifier code. This is the only settings option throughout the App.

Thank you for being a part of the Pewee Valley Presbyterian Church directory!!