The Capital Campaign



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THE GOAL:  to raise $150,000 by the end of 2015

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A Message from the Pastor


This is my first capital campaign as a Pastor.  And I couldn’t be more excited as we strive to meet our goal of raising $150,000 during the next three years (2013 through 2015).

The Spirit that guides us has led us into, rather than a building campaign, a fund-raising effort to improve on and protect what we already have.  We are responding to what we believe with all our hearts is a Spirit-led call to “build on the solid foundations” laid by those before us with this capital improvement campaign.

This is, I believe, a very modest and highly achievable objective.  And, it is a deeply faithful one.  Through this campaign, and with your faithful contributions, we will be investing in our future — Building on the Solid Foundation of our past.

As your own prayer begins, read Jesus’ “Parable of the Talents” in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25.  We are all called to take what we have been given by Got and to “seek the increase.”  As we invest in what we have received from God and from those who have come before us through is campaign, we fortify what we have been given so that when we are called to do so, we may Build on a Solid Foundation.

Peace be to our whole community, with love and faith from God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Joel Weible


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