Sunday Worship – June 24, 2018


PART 1:  

  • The Ringing of the Bell
  • Words of Welcome – Rev. Joel Weible, Pastor
  • Prelude:  “Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal” – arranged by Gilbert Martin

PART 2:  

  • Call to Worship – Madison Bates
    • Leader:    We gather to praise the Holy that moves far beyond us!
    • People:   We gather to witness the Sacred, deep within us!
    • Leader:    We gather to worship together in awe and wonder!
    • People:   Let each man, woman, and child lift up their voice!
  • Hymn 487:  “When Morning Gilds the Skies” – LAUDES DOMINI
  • Call to Confession and Prayer (unison)
    • Gracious God, hear our prayer of return:  We carry excess baggage on our journey.  Teach us to travel more simply.  Our possessions too often own us.  Free us to trust you and share with others.  Our need for control keeps us anxious and demanding.  Teach us to relax.  We carry loads of guilt.  Encourage us to hand them over to you, trusting in forgiveness.  Make us simple – in trust, in life, in commitment to you.  Prepare us for mission.  Allow us to join your labor to heal the hurting, feed the hungry, and bring good news to the poor.  Hear our silent prayers of return …
  • Assurance of Pardon – Madison Bates
    • Leader:    There is no greater joy in the heart of God than the moment that a son or daughter opens to the gift of forgiveness.
    • People:   God’s Spirit reaches out to assure us of welcome in Christ.
    • Leader:    In the name of Jesus Christ we are God’s by grace, forgiven and redeemed.
    • People:   With great joy we are made alive.  Alleluia!
    • ALL:      AMEN.
  • Response 322:  “Spirit of the Living God” – LIVING GOD
  • Passing of the Peace

PART 3: 

  • Anthem:  “By God’s Hand” – arranged by Joel Raney

PART 4:  

  • Scripture:  Romans 12:1-3
  • Sermon:  WHAT IS GOOD, ACCEPTABLE, AND PERFECT – Reverend Joel Weible, Pastor

PART 5:  

  • Hymn 263:  “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise” – ST. DENIO
  • Affirmation of Faith – from THE IONA COMMUNITY
    • We believe that God hopes and works for a world where all shall be included in the feast of life and that in Christ we see how costly it is to bring that world about.
    • We believe that God of all the earth is at work beyond the churches as well as within them, working for justice, so that all may have a say in what happens to them.
    • We long for the time when all who hunger and thirst for justice shall be satisfied and we believe that despite the persistence of evil, now is always the time when more good can be done and we can make a difference.  Amen.

PART 6:  

  • Time of Giving Thanks – Rev. Joel Weible, Pastor
  • Announcements
  • Prayers of the People and the Lord’s Prayer
  • Call to Offering and Offering

PART 7:  

  • Offertory:  “Rhosymedre” – Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Doxology 592:  “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”
  • Prayer of Dedication (unison)
    • O God, we celebrate your Spirit so freely given and so powerfully active within our church.  As that Spirit moves in our midst, may it inspire us toward generosity and fire us with energy to serve you well.  Receive our humble gifts in the name of Christ, whose presence is certain when the Spirit is with us.  Amen.

PART 8:  

  • Hymn 466:  “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing” – AZMON
  • Charge and Benediction – Rev. Joel Weible, Pastor

PART 9:  

  • The Ringing of the Bell
  • Postlude:  “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” – Johann Pachelbel