Organ Dedication Series #2 (page 2)

neurontin (From the July 20, 2014 Dedication Service featuring Dr. Janet Hamilton)

buy Lyrica in thailand Suite für eine Mechanische Orgel         LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN  (1770-1827)

360 spa rencontre I. “Adagio”ère.html

II. “Scherzo” & III. “Allegro”


“Aria”        JOHANN NEPOMUK HUMMEL  (1778-1837)


“Chant de Mai,” Op. 53, No. 1 (1917)           JOSEPH JONGEN (1873-1953)


From Sketches from Nature (1929)       JOSEPH W. CLOKEY (1890-1960)

“Pipes of Pan”


“Dolcezza” (from Reflections: Three Quiet Pieces)      PERCY WHITLOCK (1903-1946)


Archangel Suite (2012)            CRAIG PHILLIPS   (1961 – )

I. “Michael”  “….there was war in heaven.” –Rev. 12:7

II. “Gabriel”  Messenger of the Annunciation

III. “Raphael” It is God who heals – Archangel of healing

IV. “Uriel”  God is my light – Archangel of Light

(Part One, July 20, 2014 – Dr. Janet Hamilton)