Maundy Thursday – March 29, 2018

Part 1:  

  • Prelude:  The Handbell Choir and Organist
    • “Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed” – arranged by Bob Burroughs
    • “They Crucified My Lord” – arranged by R. Thygerson
    • “I Know a Fount” – arranged by Bob Burroughs

Part 2:  

  • Welcome and Announcements – Reverend Joel Weible, Pastor
  • First Reading:  Matthew 26:17-21 – Shawn Harmon

Part 3:  

  • Hymn 94:  “An Upper Room Did Our Lord Prepare” – O WALY WALY
  • Opening Litany and Prayer – Ashia Stoess
    • Leader:  What part of ourselves is found in the shadow of the mob that streamed to Calvary?
    • People:  What part of ourselves creates nails in other forms that wound our brothers and sisters – and our God?
    • Leader:  Let us pray together…
    • Tonight we realize that we have not kept our eyes upon your saving cross, nor listened with undivided attention to your voice.  As the realities of this night and the days ahead set in, turn us, O Lord. Stretch our boundaries, stir our hearts, and inflame our souls to behold you in every fragment of life, to feel you in every moment of time, and to serve you in every occasion with obedience and joy.  Amen.

Part 4:  

  • Musical Offering:  The Handbell Choir- “The Old Rugged Cross” – BILL INGRAM

Part 5:  

  • Second Reading:  Matthew 26:14-16 – Shawn Harmon
  • Meditation:  BE CALMED- Reverend Joel Weible, Pastor
  • Third Reading:  Matthew 26:20-25 – Ashia Stoess
  • Sacrament of Communion
    • Words of Institution:  Matthew 26:26-30 – Reverend Joel Weible, Pastor
    • Invitation and Prayer

Part 6:  

  • Communion Music:  “O God, Show Mercy to Us” (A Variation on THAXTED) – arranged by A.L. Page, written by Gustav Holst
  • Communion Prayer (unison)
    • Everlasting God, who was and is, and is to come, we do not want to separate, we do not want to alienate, and we do not want to forsake. But we know what the future holds. In the breaking of the bread, we thank you for reminding us of our need and of your sufficiency. In our drinking from the cup, we thank you for reminding us of your forgiveness. As the night advances, deepen in us a sense of your steadfast love in and through Jesus Christ.  Amen

Part 7:  

  • Fourth Reading:  Matthew 26:31-35 – Shawn Harmon
  • Anthem:  “Ah, Holy Jesus” – arranged by Larry Shackley
    • The Chancel Choir with James Bates, Trumpet

Part 8:  

  • Fifth Reading:  Matthew 26:47-52 – Ashia Stoess
  • Hymn 102:  “Were You There?” – WERE YOU THERE
  • Shrouding of the Cross
  • Final Reading:  Matthew 26:55-56 – Reverend Joel Weible, Pastor
  • Departure in Silence