In life and in death we belong to God.  (From the opening line of the PCUSA’s Brief Statement of Faith)

God cares for us before we are brought into this world, sustains us through all our earthly days, and holds us with everlasting arms when this life is over.  For a Christian, death should not be feared.

In the Presbyterian Church, funerals and memorials are services that witness to the resurrection hope we have in Jesus Christ.  They should not be dreary, mournful affairs, but an opportunity to give thanks to God for life and to look ahead to that time when God’s reign will be fully realized and we will be with God.

You may find our  Funeral Planning Form helpful.  Whether you are a member here or not, it is our hope that you will take the time necessary to complete the questionnaire contained within this booklet, and if you are comfortable doing so, to discuss your wishes with your family.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance.