Christian Education

Our mission and covenant as a Christian Education Committee is to encourage our members to be faithful in daily Bible study and prayer; to teach God’s word to all and to live according to His word, to the best of our ability.

Covenant as Sunday School Teachers: We commit ourselves to the teaching of God’s Word, knowing that He will lead us through His Word. We will diligently study the Word so that we may be better prepared to teach those entrusted to us. We will study our lessons and be faithful in attendance. We will encourage those we teach to be faithful in study and attendance. We will be faithful to the lesson of the day and encourage participation from those in our classes.

We will affirm each other and those in our classes, knowing that we all are at different places in our spiritual journey. We will be sensitive, listen attentively as those we teach describe what they may have learned. We will hold in confidence personal things shared in our classes. We will pray faithfully that God will teach us His ways so that we may live daily according to His truths and share our own personal witness to those truths to those we teach.